Small Skull Unscented Candle

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A designer unscented candle in the shape of a skull is an apparent paradox – the symbol of eternity in the form of a burning source of light is a perfect reflection of our artistic search for new forms of expression. This exceptional candle may serve as a prompt to reflect on the world or simply as an expressive decoration.

  •  3 x 4 x 2,5 inches / 7,5 x 10 x 6,5 cm
  •  burns 32 hours
  •  made with non toxic high quality grade wax and natural colors
  •  handcrafted in Europe by YouArtMe 

A skull-shaped Concrete Candle perfectly reflects the atmosphere of contemplation and reflects the search for new forms of expression.

Candellana unscented candle by YouArtMe

A skull-shaped unscented candle perfectly reflects the atmosphere of contemplation and reflects the search for new forms of expression.

Candellana brand

In 2011 a group of friends, industrial designers and architects set up YouArtMe platform. They wanted to create home décor products inspired by modern art. This was the place where Candellana project came into life. There were many great brands and concepts on the European market. Despite this, Candellana stood out due to its unique, minimalistic design approach.

First candle was ready in 2015 after 3 years of intensive research and development. It was thanks to 3D printing technology. Only then final product got the desired shape and an adequate level of details. As a result candles finally left the drawing board and conquered the world!

The most popular are candles of unique shapes. The choice is wide. You can choose between animals, modern buildings, geometric shapes, love symbols, minimalistic hands and cool objects. Each candle is a beautiful piece of decor.

Ideas for new candles come from Candellana designers or from their clients. The key point is to design such shapes that will express emotions of these concepts.

After project approval 3D printer creates prototypes for silicone molds. All raw materials come from high quality suppliers in USA and Germany. From wax to paint, everything is toxic free and natural. Every candle in unique because it is all hand made. From pouring the wax to removing the mold, inspecting and painting. Each step is done by Candellana skillful craftsmen. The entire process takes about 5-6 hours.

Candellana candles are sold as premium products in many countries in Europe and North America.

They are ideal for people who value creativity and for those who want to express emotions.

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