About Us

Design, quality and joy.

At Fork & Pillow, we focus on these three elements.

We present carefully selected European products which stand out due to their exceptional designs, craftsmanship and functionality. Crafted with an obsessive attention to detail, they are created by well-known reputable manufacturers and young, talented, award-winning designers.

We believe that great design can make us happier. That is why even simple everyday products should be not only functional but also beautiful. 

Have a look at our store. We currently offer a variety of imports ranging from bedlinen to tableware and candles. 

There’s something for everyone. Each piece is exceptional. Premium quality and authentic designs with a modern twist will bring a smile to your face.

Make your home feel like home and spread the joy!

Our story

Hi, my name is Anna.

I was brought up in Poland near a small town, Bolesławiec called "the city of ceramics". It’s a place where local artisans have been creating beautiful pottery since the 14th century.

My grandfather and my aunt worked in one of the local pottery factories. I had a chance to see my aunt while she was learning how to paint new patterns, how passionate she was about it and how skilful and patient one needs to be to hand-decorate even the simplest of tableware. I heard a lot of stories of how careful you need to be to prepare the right mix of clay that will stand the test of time. I was fascinated how this stamping technique has been developed and used for centuries by people living in the area, how their desire to create beautiful things make this authentic technique thrive regardless of the social or political disagreements nearby. 

We had many pieces of Polish pottery in my home that we used every day appreciating its beauty and durability. Easily mixed and matched it always brought a special accent to our tables. This pottery was also a popular gift idea among our family and friends. 

After several years spent in the international corporate world, I embarked in 2013 on my expat journey. I took with myself my favourite ceramic set. Every time we had new friends for dinner or coffee, they were always intrigued about our unique tableware. This was the moment I realized that it would be great to share it with others. This is how Fork and Pillow was born. 

I started my online shop with Polish pottery, then decided to look for other great Polish products with interesting story to tell. With a perfect mix of high-quality materials and unique designs.

I love to be surrounded by good quality and original things, especially the ones created by hand. I think this human touch add the value to these things. 

I believe that even the simplest items while originally designed and beautiful, can make you smile and spark your day. And we should use them on a daily basis not only for great occasions as each moment of our life is worth celebrating. Polish pottery is one of such things. Hope you will like it as much as I do 😊.