How to impress your guest?

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Do you know how to impress your guests while having them at your place? How to create an unforgettable atmosphere that they will enjoy and remember for a long time? Here are 10 useful steps which will help you to achieve this:

1. Prepare a guest list

Decide who you want to invite. Choose friends who get along well or have at least something in common. If you invite strangers make sure they will fit into the whole company and nobody will feel uncomfortable. Don’t forget to introduce them at the entrance to everyone they do not know.

2. Take care of the light and smell


Visitors entering your home will feel the smell first. Use the right fragrance to bring positive energy or relaxed mood. Dim the lights and use candles. Candle light adds warmth and softness to a place, makes everyone looks prettier. You can also use paper lanterns when having dinner in a garden.

3. Prepare the right menu


Do not serve only one type of menu, make sure that everyone can find something for themselves. Remember that some of your guests can be vegetarian or may be allergic to specific ingredients. Keep the menu simple, so you don’t spend too much time running in and out of the kitchen. Remember, the host of the event should spend time with the guest, not in the kitchen.

4. Have something to drink

You can ask your friends to bring their favorite alcohol. Take care of the drink accessories: lemon, lime, mint, fruit syrup, etc. Have right amount of ice. Do not forget about drivers and people who do not drink alcohol. You can make lemonade with the addition of fresh fruit or virgin mojitos. 

5. Arrange your interior

Clean the place. Make sure that the furniture is set in a friendly manner and that all guests can comfortably fit and can move around freely. The table is one of the main spaces around which guests are staying. Therefore, take care of its elegant finish like fresh flowers, tablecloth, and napkins. Match all additions to a theme of the event, if you have any. 

6. Choose the right tableware

 Tableware apart from its functional role is also an important decorative element.  Choose it wisely. For special occasionsyou can set your table with elaborate china. For more informal meeting it is better to stick with classic white or modern decorated one. Pick up a set of good quality, durable and dishwasher safe. Your guest will not be afraid to break down a precious piece of family porcelain. For you, cleaning after the event will be quite easy and quick. Make sure you have glassware options available for both white and red wine.

7. Don’t forget about music

Create a great playlist. Music will help you to set the right mood and fill in silences. If you do not have time use Spotify or Tidal. Keep the volume at a level that does not disturb in conversations.

8. Let your neighbors know

If you live in a block, politely warn your neighbors that friends will come to you. They will appreciate it. Also, try not to undermine their patience and keep the music at a decent level.

9. Ask for help

Remember that you do not have to do everything by yourself. Delegate some tasks. Ask one friend to cut the salad, the other can play music or be a bartender. You do not have to be everywhere and take care of everything! 

10. Smile and relax

This is by far the most important thing that helps to build a good atmosphere. Smile and stay calm, do not let things scare or intimidate you. Even if not everything goes according to the plan, remember that this is not the most important thing. The guests come for you, they may even not notice some shortcomings. If you are in a good mood they will definitely sense it and appreciate the time spent together even better.


Take some photos or ask one of the guests to do it. Choose the best ones and send them to your quests next day. They will love it!

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